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Important Precautions To Take Care After Hair Transplant Treatment

A hair transplant treatment has become a major trend among Indians who are losing hair and facing baldness even in the younger age. Earlier, when people wanted to regrow their hair, they used to take assistance of home-made prescriptions or medication from a local doctor. But, nowadays a major shift has been in the favor of hair transplant in Jaipur. It the most direct, effective, and pocket friendly method of recovering your hair and youth again.

If we talk about the history of hair transplant then we can say that it was present in the western world since 1950s but in India, it has become a common name after the globalization in 1990s. There are various types of treatment are available based on the balding or hair loss pattern like strip harvesting, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).All these surgeries highly beneficial and have minimal chances of any side-effect. But there are several do’s and don’ts which you must follow to enhance the treatment’s effects. Let’s go through some of them –

Do’s after hair transplant treatment

  • After a hair transplant treatment, the doctors generally give your some prescribed medicines which must be taken as per the instructions. Try to follow the medications properly and visit the doctor whenever required. Although these medication are for only a limited period of time butthey are quite necessary to take.
  • Try to clean the scalp area for a time as no dust should reach at the affected area. There may be numbness or sore feeling for a time but try to refrain from touching the scalp.
  • While sleeping, try to sleep on your side rather than straight and use 1-2 pillows to keep your head upwards. It will help you to avoid any extra swelling on the affected scalp area.
  • Drink plenty of water regularly. It will be able to moisturize your scalp skin in a better way.
  • In case of bleeding, you can use ice pack.
  • After three of four hours of surgery, you can take some medicine to lower the pain.
  • Generally, there is no hair fall after the surgery. But is some cases, hair may fall. You can contact your doctor and take advice.
  • Try to walk daily for up to 30-40 minutes. So, your glands will not become blocked.
  • After surgery, you can use a mild shampoo to wash your head. But, it is advisable to not go directly under the shower and use a cup to pour water over the head.
  • Return to the clinic after two days of surgery so the surgeon can monitor the progress and advice you about the next steps.
  • To avoid yourself from any kind of side effects or emergency, keep the contact of the doctor saved in your mobile phone.

Don’ts after hair transplant treatment

  • Do not go in the sunlight directly as you may feel severe discomfort in your head. Also, if it becomes inevitable to go out, then wear a hat.
  • Do not touch your hair or scalp even after an itching feeling. If you keep touch your hair, then it may disturb the new grafts which can affect the chances of hair grow.
  • Do not consume alcohol for at least a week after the surgery. Alcohol changes the blood supply to your hair.
  • Do not smoke for at least a month after the surgery. A constant blood flow is quite necessary for your hair to regrow. If you give up the smoke completely, then it can hasten the hair growth.
  • If you work out at the gym, then don’t go there till your doctor advices. Exercising will cause heavy sweating and affect your pores.

Benefits of hair transplant treatment

Some of the major benefits of hair transplant treatment are here –

  1. Pocket friendly.

Yes. The best hair transplant in Jaipur is highly pocket-friendly. It is quite cheaper than hair restoration therapy. Hair restoration therapy requires several visits to the doctor and each time you have to spend substantial amount of time and money there. Whereas hair transplant treatment is a one-time procedure and only in some extreme conditions, the doctor will call you back.

  1. Enhanced looks.

People go for hair transplant treatment for their looks, isn’t it? When you regrow your hair, then not only affect your physical appearance. But it also increases your emotional and psychological levels as your confidence goes up and you are no longer a disappointed person anymore.

  1. Say goodbye to baldness.

When it comes to baldness, then nobody expect that he will look like Jason Statham or Vin Diesel. But all of us want some dark, bouncy, and thick hair where we can sport any hair style and make a positive effect on the others. After the hair transplant treatment is done, you do not need to think about the falling hair again as all the bald patches or receding hairline is gone forever.

  1. Lower maintenance is required.

When we talk about hair transplant treatment, then you can check thathair transplant treatment has a very high success rate. It requires very less instances of visiting the doctor again and again. You also do not need to take any special shampoos or medication to keep the hair.

  1. Natural growth.

The growth of hair after the treatment is completely natural. So, the new hair does not look artificial at all. The implanted hair follicles grow naturally and spread across the bald areas on the head.

Final Words

In the end, every hair transplant treatment works only when you are fully dedicated to regrow you hair and each doctor plans the treatment based on hair loss pattern and total baldness. If you looking for a hair transplant in Jaipur, then you can visit Dr. Hair Clinic. Here, we take care of all your hair related needs and provides you the best treatment. We apply different treatments as perthe baldness and try to bring the best results for you.

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