Hair transplants are one of the most popular methods for hair restoration today—but they are also one of the most misunderstood.

Hair transplants are one of the most popular methods for hair restoration today—but they are also one of the most misunderstood. Many people do not fully understand hair transplantation and can become intimidated or even scared at the thought of undergoing a surgical procedure, even though it could be the best option for them. To ease your worries, let’s explore somecommon myths about hair transplants:

An old individual cannot undergo hair transplantation

Some people believe that you should have a hair transplant when you’re fairly young and your hair has striated to recede. But this isn’t the case. In most cases, there is a better chance of a successful hair transplant when the patient is slightly older. You cannot predict your hair pattern when you are young. If you have a transplant before this isn’t the best time the air loss might continue even in the future.

The larger the number of grafts transplanted the better it is

Like any other surgery, hair transplant depend on the patient. Hair transplants graft hair on your scalp. However, hair grafting depends on different factors, including your health and the reasons for your hair loss. While grafting more amount of hair is generally seen as desirable, as it reduces scarring and can appear more natural, there are times where it is inappropriate and can lead to poor growth of hair. A hair transplant is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It varies from person to person.

Hair transplant surgery is painful

Not only are hair transplant surgery is very safe but it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. You can expect to continue your normal day-to-day life within days or a few hours of the procedure. Surgeon carry out surgery under local anesthesia, the site will be numbed. You will suffer from almost no pain during the treatment or after its completion.

Hair transplant is not affordable

Hair transplants are actually one of the most cost-effective treatments for balding and hair loss. A hair transplant surgery is a single-time cost which will benefit your appearance for the rest of your life. Though it’s a little costly, it’s definitely affordable.

Women can’t undergo hair transplant surgery

Well, this is a very common myth and which is obviously not at all true. This myth has made many women to live restrict life being less confident in their movements, just because they are going bald. They should and they have the right know that the reality is hair transplantation works effectively in treating both men and women pattern baldness. Though baldness in female slightly differs from males and the supply of donor hair is comparatively smaller in females.

This treatment gives you an immediate result

As they say, ’Everything takes time’ and specially the good things. Just like your normal hair, hair transplants take some time to grow. The transplanted hair just do not grow on the next day of transplant but slowly and gradually and it can take up to a year for the full process to complete until you get you scalp fully covered with the hair. Unfortunately, you will not have full hair next day on your scalp, but gradually your hair will grow and blend in perfectly and look natural.

Someone else can donate you hair for hair transplant

Well that’s a complete myth some or I’d say many of us are living with. You can’t go for the hair transplant surgery if you’re completely bald. To have a hair transplant surgery you need to have sufficient donor hair. Some people think that donor hair follicles from a different person can be used, but your body would simply reject the foreign hair and they would not work on you.

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